About the Artist

I have been interested in woodworking ever since I was a kid. My father had a nice array of tools which helped build my woodworking skills and creativity. Over the past few years, my woodworking hobby has progressed into a full time passion. I find myself spending evenings and weekends in my workshop designing cutting boards and other projects. My desire is to make each one a creative masterpiece that shows off the beautiful, unique grain that is hidden within each tree. For my cutting boards, I predominately use walnut, cherry, and hard maple. This makes for a high quality, durable cutting boards that can last a lifetime. Occasionally, I will use an accent of an exotic purpleheart or redheart wood to add a beautiful splash of color to my cutting boards.


Each cutting board I make is unique in either the type of wood used, pattern, or thickness. Every customer prefers something different, so I try to accommodate by having many varieties on hand for them to pick up and examine. In addition to cutting boards, I also make cheese slicers and cribbage boards which make great gifts.

Throughout the year, I attend several events to sell my handmade products. I enjoy talking to customers about the various types of wood I use, the techniques, and the tools I use in my shop. They look at the numerous sizes and patterns of cutting boards and say, “Very nice work. Now, which one do I choose?” My regular events include the Winterset Farmer’s Market (May – October) and Iowa’s Largest Arts & Craft Show held at the Iowa State Fairgrounds (September & November). I am often invited to a handful of smaller events throughout the summer, which is a great way to meet new customers. Thank you for visiting my website, and please follow Damonlayne Woodworking on Facebook for up-to-date information about my events.